The upgrade of the U.S. 30 corridor is recognized as one of the tops needs of the state, as demonstrated by a number of studies.  These studies, all performed by different groups, show the impact of U.S. 30 on job recruitment, business growth, and community safety for all of the counties that consider U.S. 30 their main street.

Whitley County Concepts Report, January 2017

This report outlines the endeavors of the Whitley County U.S. 30 Planning Committee to develop and evaluate conceptual solutions to current and foreseen issues with the aging U.S. 30 highway in Whitley County, Indiana.  Read the report.


Impediments to a U.S. 30 Freeway

This information shows all the improvements needed to make US 30 a freeway.  See the chart here.


Indiana Blue Ribbon Panel on Transportation Infrastructure, July 2014

As Indiana grows, new infrastructure and other structural improvements will be required to facilitate the efficient movement of people and freight. The following recommendations address the best thinking about current project priorities and initiatives as Indiana plans for the future.  Read the full report here.

US 30 Specific Information


The Economic Impact of Kosciusko County's Orthopedics Industry, April 2011

The Kosciusko County orthopedics industry generated an estimated $2.4 billion in direct output in 2009.  Within the county, the ripple effects of this output support an additional $742 million in economic activity to bring the total “footprint” of this industry to nearly $3.1 billion, 44 percent of Kosciusko County’s total output.  The ripple effects throughout the state of Indiana spurred an additional $581 million in economic activity.  Read the study.


Warsaw, Indiana: The Orthopedics Capital of the World, September 2009

Transportation of customers and employees, as well as products, is also critical to the success of the orthopedics sector.  Read the study.